Starmer is right, we need to give up on the cult of a university education for all

Labour leader Keir Starmer came under fire for his recent reverse ferret on abolishing university tuition fees. Some see it as an inability to stick to a pledge, while others view it as  a further betrayal of the policies of Jeremy Corbyn. From an egalitarian perspective, Starmer’s decision is absolutely correct. Abolishing fees would cost over […]

Monopolies hire too many pointless managers and kill off productivity growth

The need to increase productivity is of fundamental importance to the political economy of the Western democracies. As I’ve written, the causes for this slowdown in productivity eludes a consensus. The big tech companies are often seen as hives of innovation. But they might be responsible for at least part of the productivity problem. In […]

Our struggle with illegal immigration will be nothing compared to in 10 years time

Across the political spectrum, the number of small boats crossing the Channel has occupied a huge slice of our collective consciousness. At one level, of course, these are stories replete with human suffering and tragedy.  On another level, for those in the UK, it is a question of control over our borders. In trying to grapple […]

A post-mortem of pandemic-era lockdowns expose a dangerous disregard for scepticism

Like most people, the revelations from the leaked WhatsApps of government ministers during the pandemic have left me with a mixture of emotions.  At one level, they reveal how difficult it is to make decisions amidst considerable uncertainty. It is always easy, after the event, to point to mistakes and say they could have been […]