It’s the energy price stupid

The scale of the Conservative defeat in the election has been amply documented. But what has been mentioned much less is the fact that they are by no means alone. Other Western governments which have faced the electorate since the world energy price rise during 2021 and 2022 have suffered serious defeats. Olaf Scholz’s SPD […]

Keir Starmer could be more like Harold Wilson than Tony Blair

Labour’s massive lead in the opinion polls is generating many parallels with the 1997 election. Will Keir Starmer end up with a bigger majority than Tony Blair or not? But the comparison with 1997 more or less starts and finishes with the polls. Most other things are completely different. In the late 1990s, capitalism appeared […]

Keir Starmer still has time to shine as Labour leader

Since last summer, Starmers have been the stock to short. In June, the Leader of the Opposition enjoyed a net approval rating of plus 31 per cent. The latest polls show this has fallen into negative territory. But as with all stocks, past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future. In terms of […]

Labour’s rejection of conventional economic theory ignores important insights

John McDonnell

One of the first tasks facing whoever becomes chancellor after the General Election will be choosing the next governor of the Bank of England. Getting to make this choice would be a key step in the plans of Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell to shake up the Bank of England, but his radicalism is not […]

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